• Corporate Wellness Programs

    Yoga, Fitness, Nutrition, Meditation & Healthcare workshops

  • Nutrition & Lifestyle Consultancy

    Transformation programs with Scientific diet protocols

  • Fitness Training

    Personalized Strength & cardiovascular training

  • Yoga at Home

    Training by Certified Yoga Gurus focused on improving overall health

“I would like to say that my trainer Arjjoma Saha is a very nice trainer. I really enjoy my sessions with her. She makes me workout exactly the way I wanted my trainer to do. Thank you HealthyBillions and all the more Arjjoma for the workout style she is giving. Thank you Healthybillions for your service.”

-Ruchi, Kolkata



  • Arogya 2.0

    6 vital health stats for seniors – checked bimonthly

  • Geriatic Care

    At home services for elderly people

“My mother went for a full body check-up after we booked a session with Healthy Billions. They did Cardiac tests, Diet Counselling and different other medical examinations. The doctors were complete professional, caring and friendly. The prices they charged for the tests were also very reasonable . Definitely I would vote for Healthy Billions when it is about settling any health related issues!”

– Avishek

  • QCI Certification

    Authorized channel partner of TQCert& QCI for East Zone , INDIA

  • Yoga Training

    Certification Course on Yoga

  • Fitness & Nutrition Training

    Certification course on personal training

“Thank you for your interest to expand the business in various location in eastern India. We are very happy to inform you that you can go ahead arranging the exam in Manipur , Nagaland, Tripura, Bihar and Jharkhand.”

– P.V.Sudhakar, TQCERT (QCI PRCB)


Call 8-100-888-888 for world-class healthcare at your service 24/7, 365 days a year.

Privilege Membership

  • All Services at discounted Price
  • 25% Discount on Pharmacy
  • 15% Off on Blood Checkup
  • 40% Off on Health Check-ups
  • Free Eye & Dental Checkup

Platinum Membership

Rates start from Rs. 2099 per annum
  • Full Body Check-up
  • Unlimited Doctor on Phone
  • Free Ambulance Service
  • 24/7 Emergency Contact
  • Personalized Nutrition Chart
(All services at preferred pricing*)

“I wanted some medicines that would be delivered to my home and opted for Healthy Billions. The medicines were offered at affordable prices and I was happy with the decision of choosing them. From then, I always opt for Healthy Billions when I need to buy medicines and these guys are great!”

– Santosh Halder


The greatest currency in the world is not money and possessions you earn, it is the number of lives you manage to change and influence.
Here is a testament and first-hand recognition of our work through HB’s extended family!

HealthyBillions Testimonial
HealthyBillions Testimonial
HealthyBillions Testimonial
Mr Partho Bhowmick and Mrs Debjani Bhowmick
Mr Partho Bhowmick and Mrs Debjani Bhowmick
Mr Partho Bhowmick and Mrs Debjani Bhowmick
Mr.Abhijit Paul
Mr.Abhijit Paul
Mr.Abhijit Paul
Mrs.Ila Bhowmick
Mrs.Ila Bhowmick
Mrs.Ila Bhowmick


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